Building and Land Development

All building and land development plans should be submitted to the Township office for review by the Upper Yoder Township Planning Commission, the Township Engineer, and the Township Supervisors.  This includes any land development projects as well as any subdivision of land.  Applications are available from the Township office or this web site.  Applicable fees will apply for each project.  All plans will be reviewed by the respective officials and when approved, signatures will be applied to the plans for recording at the Cambria County Court House, if applicable.  

The two Ordinances that define Land Development and/or Subdivisions are Ordinance No. 220 - the Zoning Ordinance adopted in 1990 and Ordinance No. 219 - the Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance adopted in 1990 with its amendment Ordinance No. 253 adopted 2001.

Important Documents

Building Permit Application

Zoning Map

Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance Amendment

Subdivision / Land Development Application

State Building Regulations

On Nov. 10, 1999, Governor Ridge signed the “Uniform Construction Code” Act No. 45 of 1999.  The Act set in motion the creation of state-wide building codes, that provides for the training and certification of code administrators, and confers powers and duties upon the Pa Dept. of Labor and Industry for adopting regulations and requires compliance by municipalities with uniform and modern construction standards and regulations throughout the Commonwealth.

On January 23, 2003, Upper Yoder Township adopted the “International Building Code Enforcement Ordinance.”  This Ordinance establishes minimum regulations governing the design, construction, alteration, enlargement, repair, demolition, removal, maintenance and use of all buildings and structures in Upper Yoder Township.  We have entered into an agreement with the Cambria-Somerset Council of Governments whereby the Council of Governments are authorized to administer and enforce the provisions of the IBC and the Township Zoning Ordinance as well.  We are working hand in hand with COG’s Regional Code Agency to maintain a smooth transition for the residents of Upper YoderTownship.

If you are planning any construction and/or changes to your buildings, it is important that you contact the Building Code Official, Mark Walker at (814) 255-3413 or the Township office at (814) 255-5243 to secure the necessary permits.  The Township office is located at 110 Sunray Drive, Suite 1, Johnstown, PA  15905.

Copies of the International Building Code Enforcement Ordinance #258 can be reviewed and/or obtained at the Township Municipal Building.  Building applications are also available at the Township office at 110 Sunray Drive, Suite 1 for your convenience.